Have a story to tell?

Nammur is looking out for scribbles, doodlers, sketchers and artists who want to contribute towards spreading the story of our beautiful city. So, here we are opening a forum for the all the artists of our fun, young city to unite and showcase their artworks to the greater audience while taking a happy trip to the bank.

All you’ve to do is email us your designs related to Bengaluru and we will take it from there. We also feature these artists on our social media promoting their designs and artworks in our circles as well.

We believe there are many stories the city has and the same needs to get highlighted to the world.

What are you waiting for, unleash the art inside you, send us your designs and get them featured on our products.

How it Works



This the first level of your process. Getting the right idea is not an easy task and the designs that catch the eye often have quirky concepts behind them, so if you need any help or references, please look at our products to get an idea of the designs that we usually implement. To give a heads up, at Nammur we want to showcase story of the city through designs.



This is the second step, once you have the design ready, upload your design here, give it a good title, write a brief description in terms of what story does it want to tell a customer buying any product with this design and submit to us. Please note that the design is your own creation and not taken or inspired from any of the artworks that exist on the internet



Once the design is submitted and approved by our team, we would initiate sampling of the design on various products for final approval. The sampled product if approved will make the designer eligible for earning royalty on sales of each product with your design. These products would also be put up for sale at our stores and online as well. The terms and conditions of the royalty would be decided mutually before the products are put up for sale.

We recommend you view our Submission Guidelines for more information.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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