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“A venture started with an aim to promote the magnetic essence of all Indian cities.”

A city always has a tale to tell, listen to it carefully.

About Nammur

‘Nammur’ wants to tell a story, filled with tales; about the when, the where, and the what. We believe in the magic a good story can bring forth and our merchandise and souvenirs are a representation of these stories of your city. The idea is to create a certain spirit collectively in the hearts of the people of the city, making them connect with each other and the environment we live in. These stories in time will tell the story of India and what makes it incredible!

Tune in to the story of Bengaluru with Nammur merchandise and souvenirs to know, feel and love the city better.

About Bengaluru

Right from good weather and canopy roads to the spirit of technology, we bring you the Garden City of India in small collectibles you can wear, drink from, write on, store in, pin up and more.

If you love the city, take a little bit of it home with you. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of Bengaluru! So, what are you waiting for?

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